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Owning a "Funky" electric vehicle and operating it in a low-speed environment is a fun lifestyle change. Funky Electric vehicles are more versatile than ever. They are affordable. Many view electric vehicle transportation as a greener form of transport. Whether you need a funky way to get to Uni, the club, movies, shopping, friends or the school run, this Funky is for you !

The Benefit of owning a "Funky" electric car

1.Pollution-free, It is very beneficial to environmental protection and clean air

2.Low-noise electric vehicle without internal combustion engine produce no exhaust pollution

3.Meet the requirements of road traffic and safety regulations

4.Powerful motor which is  "zero pollution"

Dimensions                                      2950*1580*1650MM

steering mode                                 Multi-Function Steering wheel 

Rated passengers                           1-4 persons

Curb weight                                     400KG

Brake system                                  Four wheel Disc brake

Tire size(mm)                                  155/70 R12

Motor                                              4000W

Window                                           electric

Max.speed                                      60 km/h

Battery                                            60v/100Ah Lead-acid battery ( Upgrade Lithium Ion battery available )

Max.cruising range :                       90/100 km (Depending on battery type}

Rim                                                 Aluminium Alloy 

Color option                                    Any

Other detail:

①Simulation leather seat 

②whole vehicle injection moulding interior decoration 

③multi-functional electric door

④door lock 

⑤central control 

⑥reading light

⑦interior decoration top (auto accessory)

⑧ whole vehicle electroplating decoration

- Reverse Camera

- Touch Screen Display (Wireless, Bluetooth)

- USB Charging port

- Sound System



Air conditioner 

Power Assistant Steering wheel 

Battery Upgrade

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